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As experts in ERP, CRM and other suchlike applications we have a plethora of insight and knowledge which we are delighted to share with our customers and prospects. We routinely publish articles, reports and whitepapers on the Insights & Events pages of our website which encompass a wide range of different subject matters, suitable for various industries, including:

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence brain power With the speed at which technology evolves, AI and machine learning is becoming an increasingly important factor for businesses. Keeping abreast of the advances in such computer science can be a difficult task, and understanding how it can contribute to the efficiency and growth of your business can also be perplexing. Our experts help put this into context for you and discuss how you and your team can benefit from AI today.

Best Practice

Direction on best practiceThe implementation of a CRM or ERP platform is an exciting time for any business. In all the excitement, best practice implementation can often be overlooked which can prove to be detrimental to the overall success and user adoption of your CRM or ERP system.

With a combined team knowledge of over 667 years, our expertise proves invaluable in each and every project we embark upon – whether it be a brand new implementation or an existing implementation that needs some fine-tuning. Our experts provide high level advice on how to go about ensuring best practice within your system.

Dynamics features and updates

Technology features and updatesMicrosoft are continuously bringing out new features and updates that benefit their clients, keeping on top of these can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. Our team of experts show you precisely what features and updates are being released and how you can make the most of them within your system.

Marketing Technologies

We are certified and experienced with a number of different marketing technologies, including Microsoft’s very own application – Dynamics for Marketing, along with other third party tools including ClickDimensions, which is fully native within Dynamics. We work closely with clients to on-board install, configure, train and support them with the unique needs of their marketing teams.

Regulation & Compliance

Risk and compliance blocksWith regulations and compliance changing at a rate of knots, clients can sometimes feel a little daunted by some of the ambiguity in this area and often lack understanding on how Dynamics 365 can help ensure they maintain compliance. Our experts share insights into some of the options and features of Dynamics 365 that will help you keep on track in these areas.

Seminars & Briefings

AI for sales, marketing and serviceWe routinely host free of charge seminar and breakfast briefing events in London. Our events are best suited to guests that are either looking to embark on a CRM or ERP project with a reputable Gold Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner, as well as those looking for a partner that can help them get more from their current Dynamics 365 technology. These events are also suited to individuals looking to discover the latest knowledge within the industry, along with access to our team of experts.

Our events receive a high level of interest and whilst we do our best to accommodate as many registrations as possible, with limited space we do reserve the right to decline registrations. If you’d like to be kept in the loop about all of our upcoming events, then you can express your interest by selecting this option.

Tips, tricks and guidance

Ideas, guidance, hints and tipsWith our wealth of experience across various multifaceted systems and integrations, we are continually identifying and learning of new ways to achieve things within the Microsoft suite of applications. Our experts share some great tips, tricks and general guidance about the configuration of the Microsoft platforms and how you can put them to use in your own Dynamics 365 system.

Webinars & online events

webinar focusIn addition to our physical seminars, we also routinely host webinars where we take a deep dive into some of the features of the product as well as industry specific features and functionality. Our webinars are best suited to individuals who are exploring the Dynamics 365 features and functionality with a view to embarking on a CRM or ERP project, as well as those looking to understand how they can get more from their existing Dynamics 365 technology.

If you’d like to be kept in the loop about all of our upcoming webinars then you can express your interest by selecting this option.