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What is the Microsoft Power Platform?


Today, much of an organisations success relies on the ability to accurately capture, analyse and act-on the valuable data it has access to.

But organisations continue to struggle to get to grips with the quantity of data they have access to.  Very often, they have too much data which clouds their ability to make accurate decisions.

They don’t truly know what data they are collecting, what data is valuable and what data they should discard,  what questions to ask of their data, and how to best manage sharing and accessibility of data throughout the organisation.



The Microsoft Power Platform is a powerful business applications platform that provides organisations with the ability to capture, collate, analyse and act on the data that will revolutionise business processes and drive success.

Consisting of four innovative solutions – Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and Power Virtual Agents – the Power Platform helps ensure organisations can drive business outcomes at scale.

Read on to learn more about each of the four solutions that comprise the Power Platform.

The Power Platform


Power BI


Power Apps


Power Automate


Power Virtual Agents

Power Apps

Power Apps is a suite of apps, connectors, services and data platform that provides everyone in an organisation with the ability to rapidly build and deploy custom business applications in a low-code environment.

Power Apps can be scaled to address a wide range of business challenges, and thanks to its low-code environment, powerful, digital workflows and automation can be built without the user requiring specialised, technical knowledge.

Power Apps can be connected to the data stored in your business data stored in the core data platform, or it can connect to data stored in online and on-premises data sources such as Excel, SQL Server, Microsoft 365, SharePoint and many more.

Whatever an organisation’s needs, Xpedition is able to design and build custom apps to meet any requirement.

Power BI

With all the data organisations have available at their disposal, there is a risk that the amount of data becomes overwhelming, meaning organisations are unable to determine what data matters, and what it is telling them.

Power BI enables organisations to bridge the gap between data and action. Power BI  connects disparate data and turns it into visually engaging charts and graphs, providing dynamic, interactive insights that bring data to life.

Whatever questions an organisation has, Power BI can help answer them thanks to its highly customisable insights and reports that empower organisations with the confidence to make strategic, data-driven decisions that move the business forward.

Power Automate

No matter what industry you are in, reducing the amount of time teams spend on time-consuming, repetitive, manual tasks is an objective that everyone agrees is worthwhile. With Microsoft Power Automate, you can automate and simplify these business processes, freeing up time so that teams can focus on the high-value tasks that really matter.

Power Automate can be used with over 350 out-of-the-box connectors, helping organisations easily collate valuable data from disparate sources, and then use innovative applications such as Power BI to effectively interpret and act on intelligence in a way they’ve never been able to before. Moreover, if a connector doesn’t exist, Xpedition can create a custom one.

Power Automate is not only for technical professionals either. Its no-code/low-code platform means that non-technical professionals can design and build innovative automations that can be securely scaled across the entire organisation.

Power Virtual Agents

No matter what happens in the world, customers remain the lifeblood an organisation.

Power Virtual Agents enables organisations to design and create powerful chatbots that enable a 24/7 personalised experience, meaning customers can enquire, raise and resolve any issues virtually, helping ensure the delivery of a superior customer experience.

The no-code, graphical interface means that even the most non-technical member of a team can create chatbots without the need to understand the fundamentals of AI or complex code. As part of the Power Platform, Power Virtual Agents offers streamlined integration with existing systems, including Power Automate and the hundreds of external connectors available. Chatbot actions can be actioned by simply calling a Power Automate workflow. Offering streamlined integration, users are able to work with existing flows, or simply create a new flow in the Power Virtual Agents authoring canvas.

Unlock your true potential with Xpedition Apps

Just as Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform evolve, so does Xpedition.

In unpredictable, uncertain times, organisations require innovative business applications that meet specific challenges. The suite of apps that Xpedition is designing, testing and deploying will continue to grow over the coming months to help organisations successfully navigate these this rapidly changing business landscape.

Learn how Power Apps can you help overcome your biggest obstacles

The Power Platform is helping transform the way organisations tackle their biggest challenges. Speak to us to learn more about the capabilities of the Power Platform, and discover how Xpedition leverages the full potential of the platform to help organisations accelerate transformation and reach their objectives faster.

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