The Accountancy Practice CRM Accelerator

Unify your firm.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and tailored to Accountancy firms, our Accelerator takes all the benefits of the Microsoft stack and customises them to manage Accountancy Practice scenarios such as Client Groups, integration with PMS applications and support for a range of operational process for corporate and private clients.

Including SATR, along with practice-wide Business Intelligence and Reporting, cutting customisation means you’ll be up and running in a fraction of the time.

Fast-track your expedition with our Accountancy CRM Accelerator

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Client and Intermediary Referral Tracking

Which Clients are you most valuable referrers? And which Intermediary Relationships are least equitable for your firm? Xpedition’s Accountancy Accelerator improves your firm’s focus on the right referral relationship with its Client and Intermediary Referral tracking.

Companies House

Increase your prospect and client marketing ROI by using Companies House data alongside your own proposition to focus your marketing activity based on relevant data for your clients and prospects.

Drive proactive and streamlined operational management using key Companies House data such as account filing dates, registered address changes, industry SIC codes, directly from within Dynamics.

Client Workflows

Reduce your Operational Costs whilst improving Client Experiences in operations, Xpedition’s Accountancy Accelerator streamlines processes such as Client On-boarding, SATR and CTR, by tracking and identifying bottlenecks in operational processes. It improves back office systems processes with workflows that track user interactions from initial data collection through to completion.


Powerful reporting and data intelligence will provide one single, comprehensive picture of current activity and performance. Empowering you to confidently take action and address any issues or unmet opportunities.