Connect intelligence and revitalise performance

with tailored digital solutions

Solutions for your Accountancy Practice

Accelerate your business growth with intelligent insight and streamlined operational management. Our Accountancy Practice specific solutions will empower you to make faster and more accurate decisions by surfacing key data in the right place.

Powerful data analytics give you the 360-degree view of your clients and operations, helping you improve the client experience and increase confidence and credibility.

Built on the market leading Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and tailored to provide the specific industry functions, the Accountancy Practice CRM Accelerator cuts the time and cost to deploy and fast-tracks you towards a unique solution.

Designed to integrate with your existing data and technology, our solution will create a single, well controlled and comprehensive source of truth. This actionable insight is seamlessly integrated with existing Microsoft Office tools, making it intuitive and easy adopted.

3rd Party Integrations

Companies House accounts filing service

Xpedition for Accountancy Practices comes with the web services pre-configured for the UK’s Companies House Accounts service. Client and Prospect records in CRM are automatically populated using the CH web service data for filing dates and latest filings



Nurture relationships and exploit connections within your network with a seamless integration within your CRM system. Interrogate relationships across your firm and gain quicker insights into market opportunities.



Business intelligence like never before. Go from data to insights in minutes. Seamlessly exploit insights about your firm’s performance, including combined data from PMS and CRM; analyse WIP with locations or industry sector. With powerful reporting, you can analyse with confidence and act with certainty