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The Demand for Change in Private Equity

The Demand for Change in Private Equity

The demand for change in private equity is accelerating. Historically, Private Equity firms have favoured a personal and more manual approach to storing, sharing and evaluating investor, financial, target and market data. As a specialised and highly expert sector, knowledge and connections are highly prized and the capability to successfully derive insight from such connections is a crucial differentiator.
But a new combination of new factors are putting this approach at risk.  Increased regulation, competition, globalisation and a greater demand for fast-paced decision-making. The 24/7 digital world means that the rigid processes and individually held insights are now not agile or responsive enough to meet the growing expectations of investors and clients. As suggested in the 2017 EY Global Private Equity report, it is also becoming increasingly important to retain talent, simplify processes and manage data. With ever growing pressures on Private Equity managers to prove their transparency and reliability, it can be difficult to focus on value-creation.

Adopting an effective private equity technology solution to meet these new and changing needs is a challenging prospect. But the rewards from getting it right are significant. In the last five years, we have seen a digital revolution in the way organisations and individuals interact with one another. In this evolving market place, our experience has shown us that the firms who adopt a new digital way of working are better equipped to maintain core activities and meet regulatory requirements, while continuing to be an attractive and credible prospect for investors.
Ultimately, if technology is failing to support day-to-day working processes and in turn, is inhibiting growth and success within your firm, then it’s time to review.
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–   Exploit investor behaviours
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