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Mayfair Equity Partners: A Private Equity CRM case-study

Find out how Xpedition delivered an advanced, customised Private Equity CRM solution for Mayfair Equity Partners

Read the case study here

Mayfair Equity Partners is a leading PE firm that provides buyout and growth capital to dynamic organisations in the tech, media, telecoms and consumer sectors. Since the firm’s inception, the founders recognised the need to invest in an innovative, flexible solution that would support the firm’s growth ambitions.

Following a detailed shortlisting process, Mayfair Equity Partners chose Xpedition as the partner of choice to deliver a responsive, collaborative CRM solution to support their fundraising, investor relations and deal flow aspirations.

With experienced consultants leading the project,  Xpedition was able to integrate existing contact information accurately and with minimum disruption, while also providing a customised Private Equity CRM solution that met all of Mayfair’s requirements.

Read the case study to learn how Xpedition delivered a rapid, friction-free deployment of a customised Private Equity CRM Accelerator, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.



“Working with Xpedition has been a frictionless experience. They provided excellent references at the point of selection and everything their previous clients said proved true for us too. Our consultant was experienced in Private Equity, diligent, and quickly grasped our priorities. Deployment was rapid and smooth, on time and on budget.”
Maria Carradice, Portfolio Director, Mayfair Private Equity

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