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You know that the client experience is now a key differentiator for today’s wealth management firms. Not only do you need to be providing existing clients with a superior online experience, but even your prospective clients too. And even before you’ve engaged these prospects, you can be sure that they will have been conducting their own research, seeking out progressive firms that are capable of meeting their demands.
If you get it right by creating a modern, personalised, digital service that meets the needs of the new generation of investor, and you will already be one step ahead of your competitors.
With Dynamics 365 Portals for wealth management, your firm can take advantage of the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and take the next-step to delivering a modern, holistic client experience.

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How portals in Dynamics 365 help deliver a superior client experience

  • Create custom themes, tailored to your firms own requirements.
  • Increased client personalisation as clients can access and view accounts, raise requests and update their details and preferences.
  • Set-up automated emails that notify clients of requests raised and other activities, delivering clients custom messages, when they need them.
  • Smart searching show clients other relevant articles based on their queries. This means faster resolutions, happier clients, and less cases for you to deal with.

Put simply, the ability to deliver a unique, personalised client experience is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. For today’s firm, it is absolutely essential. Dyamics 365 Portals is just one of the many ways that together, the Xpedition Wealth Management Accelerator and Microsoft Dynamics 365 is helping transform client relationship management.

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To learn even more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 for wealth management, contact Ben Revill to discuss your requirements.