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Read how Xpedition delivered a bespoke insurance CRM platform for Ageas


Discover how Xpedition and Microsoft Dynamics 365 helped a leading insurer identify its highest value brokers, deliver targeted marketing through advanced ClickDimensions automation, and provide relationship managers with access to intelligence on-the-go, via a secure tablet interface.

“From the moment we first approached Xpedition, they provided us with the best engagement experience at every stage.”  Matt Looker, Marketing Manager, Ageas

Download the Ageas CRM case study to learn more

Ageas CRM Goals

Ageas is one of the UK’s largest insurance firms. Insuring millions of households and motorists, Ageas needs to be sure that it makes applying for insurance as easy and straightforward as possible.

The goal was a new, tailored insurance CRM platform that replaced an existing, in-house system. The new custom broker relationship management system needed to provide much greater insight into broker and affiliate relationships. Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365, the new insurance CRM solution had to:

  • leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to provide in-depth intelligence that surfaced data on brokers, affiliates and businesses
  • deliver highly targeted marketing
  • provide the team with access to vital data, no matter where they found themselves
  • integrate with a considerable amount of data held in a bespoke IBM back-office solution

“The Xpedition bid presentation demonstrated a deeper understanding of our requirements than other consultancies and – very importantly – showed proof of their ability to deliver”   Joel Markham, Head of Broker Distribution, Ageas

The Results

Through a combination of Xpedition’s experience and the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, the bespoke broker relationship management system means Ageas can now:

  • leverage greater insight into how different offices of the same broker are performing, and uncover which customer offerings are most successful for individual outlets
  • provide relationship managers with access to the platform through a secure tablet interface, so they can access vital intelligence, no matter where they are.
  • overlay brokers’ financial information and relationship activity into a single data view which in turn, helps ensure Ageas can make informed decisions to take the best course of action
  • work more efficiently and more securely, safe in the knowledge they have the visibility and insight to make the right decisions everyday
  • segment, manage and target brokers with ClickDimensions

Download the Ageas CRM case study to learn more

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