Broker Management App

Gain deeper insights into your broker network to track performance and strengthen relationships

Broker Management App

With the emergence of new technology platforms and distribution channels in financial services, effective management of agents and brokers will be even more important in this increasingly competitive market.

With this in mind, Xpedition has created the Broker Management app. By leveraging the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, the Broker Management App leverages key data and intelligence to gain comprehensive insights into broker performance, helping firms strengthen crucial relationships and build an even stronger network of resellers and partners.

From streamlining the onboarding of prospective brokers and identify high achievers, to tracking broker certifications and accreditations and accessing brokers associations with key competitors and their respective products, the app is the most effective and efficient way to enhance broker management.

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Key features and functions

  • Streamlined broker onboarding process
  • Easily track all information on contacts, authorised products and activities
  • Gain comprehensive insights into broker performance
  • Identify areas of concern, required development or opportunities
  • Panel management provides insights into brokers relations with competitors and their competing products
  • Full integration with Microsoft 365 including Outlook and Excel
  • Can be embedded with Power BI to access additional insights and analysis

Effectively track and monitor broker performance

Clear overview dashboards provide an indication of the performance of all broker firms, identifying their value by metrics such as product and period, and highlighting the high achievers in the channel.

Transactional data enables visibility of overall broker performance in relation to the product portfolio, helping identify their effectiveness. Panel management gives an overview of their association with your competitors and their competing products.

Regular reviews can be backed up with value statements populated with up-to-date data delivered directly from the system, providing a full overview of status and performance.



Streamlined broker onboarding

Prospective brokers can be taken through a comprehensive onboarding process to ensure all required information is captured in a structured and consistent manner.

Process stages are fully configurable, leading users through the relevant steps, profiling the firm and identifying the potential for a successful partnership.

Capture accreditations and certifications, and monitor renewal dates

The Broker Management App includes the capture of accreditations and industry certifications that the contacts at the broker may possess.

A record of certificates and expiry dates can highlight the requirement for renewals and uncover opportunities for further training.

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