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Client Services App

In Xpedition’s 2020 financial services Innovation Equation survey,  50% of respondents identified delivering a seamless, omnichannel client experience as their key challenge. This isn’t surprising. Delivering a holistic, personalised digital client experience is a challenge that many financial services organisations still face, and it’s one they need to win if they are too remain competitive in an era of increasing threats and innovation.

To meet the expectations of today’s clients, firms need to invest in technology that advances the experience thanks to advanced features such as AI, automation and chatbots. With the FS Xcelerator Client Services App, firm’s can now access the full power of Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform to meet the needs of today’s digital-first clients.

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Key features and functions

  • Complete client services solution
  • Omni-channel communication
  • Fully configurable case management capability
  • Advanced case escalation
  • Guided case process flows
  • Self-service client portal for logging & viewing cases
  • Automated responses and updates
  • Knowledgebase of FAQs, regulatory info and articles

Self-service client portal

Clients expect to access and update their personal information, view investments and performance, raise queries and cases, and issue complaints on any device whenever they need to.

With the Client Services App, firms can build bespoke portals for clients to carry out many self-service tasks including updating their own details, accessing useful information from the knowledgebase or logging new requests and updating existing cases.

The actions clients perform are fully controlled according to your own policies and advanced features such as automated virtual assistants may also be incorporated.  As a secure portal, it is also possible to display data from other applications such as positional information from a trading system.



Fully configurable case management and escalation

Configurable case management capabilities allow for the capture of many different types of client requirements such as managing complaints or GDPR requests.

Cases may be generated manually, direct from phone calls, automatically from email, or through the secure client portal.  Once in the system, the required process flow can be automatically assigned to the request to ensure it is routed to the correct team or individual and the required steps are followed to action or resolve in the most efficient way.

The app also enables case escalation as a way to track and resolve complaints and cases efficiently. Users can set automatic response and resolution timescales based upon attributes of the case, the client or on regulatory requirements.

Comprehensive Knowledgebase and FAQ access

A knowledgebase of FAQ’s, help articles and regulatory information can be maintained for both internal and external use.  Articles can be suggested by the system or searched to quickly locate a potential resolution or standard response to forward to the client.

Smart searching also allows clients to access relevant articles based on their queries. This means faster resolutions, happier clients, and fewer cases for organisations to deal with.

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