Increase marketing ROI

Generate more leads and nurture leads with personalised experiences

Generate more leads and personalise experiences

We often hear from organisations we speak to how they want to improve the Return on Investment generated by their marketing activities. Most want to generate more leads and improve the ways they nurture those leads.

By building a deep knowledge and understanding of customers you can build true omni-channel approaches that deliver seamless, connected customer experiences.

With Dynamics 365, you can instigate real dialogues with prospects through data driven personalisation. Using the power of Dynamics and AI, 121 conversations at scale are a real possibility, providing engaging customer experiences for every customer and prospect.

Whether Dynamics for Marketing or ClickDimensions is right for your business, we’ll help you to choose and give you all of the information and guidance you need.

Generate more leads across multiple channels, delivering individual experiences based on interactions with marketing activities. Personalise content and track prospects through their buying journey. Monitor social media activity and use Linkedin to nurture leads.

Drive collaboration between sales and marketing with one customer view. Nurture leads from discovery through to close, all through the pipeline. Ensure all prospects receive a personal experience with targeted messages based on engagement levels.

Make smarter decisions with insights and real time reporting to monitor performance and segment data more effectively. Leverage multiple lead scoring models to accelerate buyers through the journey and hand over to sales at the right time. See who’s likely to purchase.

Simplify and automate marketing processes. Set up customer journeys, automate messages, activities and workflows that react to individual engagements and automatically hand off leads to sales. Create new channels and campaigns quickly.

If you want to generate more leads across multiple channels and nurture prospects through the funnel faster, you need to deliver personalised experiences. Find out how we’ve helped others like you to increase their marketing ROI and automate processes with Dynamics.