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On-demand Webinar| Accelerating Sales and Marketing Performance with Dynamics 365

Accelerate sales and marketing performance with intelligent, cloud-based CRM

Watch the on-demand sales and marketing webinar
Designed for sales and marketing professionals looking to generate more leads, streamline sales processes and increase win rates, even during uncertain times.  Watch this webinar to discover the latest CRM applications, and learn why moving to the cloud can give you the competitive edge and help support business-critical functions, even in the most uncertain times.
Why watch?

  • Learn about new innovations in Dynamics 365 for sales and marketing
  • Find out how to unify teams, automate processes and drive sales profitably
  • See Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform in action
  • Understand how to implement Dynamics 365 for success

Who is this aimed at?
Sales, Marketing and Business leaders who want to transform and grow their business.
Your path to growth
Xpedition is a Microsoft Gold Partner and expert in guiding organisations through the implementation of intelligent cloud-based CRM.