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Leveraging AI to Transform Sales | An Xpedition Webinar


Secure your place & discover how AI is transforming sales

Too often, articles and discussions focusing on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) are written from a perspective of fear. Certain aspects of the industry talk about how the introduction of AI will be a job killer. Sales professionals, so the belief goes, will no longer be necessary.  In the future, AI and automation will be able to manage the entire sales process.

At Xpedition, we take a more realistic approach.

The truth is, artificial intelligence is not going to replace the sales role. We know there will always be a need for the experience, insight and wisdom of human sales professionals. However, in this rapidly changing world, it is also true that the ‘traditional’ sales process is no longer enough. Organisations that wish to remain competitive need to not only understand the value of AI, but start incorporating it into their business today to ensure they remain competitive tomorrow.

Join us and discover how leveraging AI can transform sales

The speed of the market means that sales executives need to always be one step ahead, predicting the next big opportunity and proactively engaging leads to ensure they beat the competition. By harnessing the power of AI,  the next generation of sales professional can take a step closer to becoming the trusted advisor that the customer of today expects.

Register today  and join Peter Cutts, Solutions Director & Ben Revill, Business Consultant as together, they demonstrate how the leading AI-infused CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, can help sales executives:

  • Uncover actionable insights that will help you predict lead behaviour
  • Build and strengthen relationships by creating more personalised engagements
  • Increase win rates by targeting leads who have displayed the highest propensity to buy
  • Predict future trends thanks to AI’s ability to analyse historical data so you can make more intelligent, better-informed decisions

Learn how you can leverage AI to transform sales

Join us to discover how the power of AI  can transform sales and learn how it can help even the most experienced sales professionals uncover even more leads, close more prospects and ensure long-term, sustainable growth thanks to the advanced insights and capabilities of AI and Microsoft Dynamics 365.