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xpedition event goldsmiths centre

Microsoft Dynamics Reimagined

Learn how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can take your business forward and solve your problems.

✓  Business Development team held back by outdated processes & technology?
✓  Disconnected teams and low technology adoption?
✓  Cut off from new markets and slow to react to buyers’ demands?
✓  Lost on becoming GDPR compliant?
✓  Customer defection caused by poor behavioural insight?

Digital Transformation is a hot topic and rightly so. With the right tools businesses are empowered to react faster, engage prospects at the right time and sell with confidence. If the tools already exist, then why do so many digital projects fail?

This 2 hour masterclass looks at why your current Microsoft Dynamics deployment may be holding you back, and will reveal the secret strategies that can reverse the situation and get your technology and people back into the high performance zone.

WHEN: 17th May 2018
WHERE: The Goldsmiths’ Centre, London, EC1M 5AD
TIME: 9:00 – 11:00 (including breakfast)

“Xpedition helped us focus on the right elements to have a big impact on our business. They showed us how to recover our Dynamics CRM project and get us back on track to deliver the critical business functions we needed.”  Hadley Group  

Microsoft Dynamics 365 event


Host and Business Manager, Mike Creffield kicks the morning off by introducing Xpedition.

GDPR compliance with Dynamics 365 | “8 days to go, are you fully prepared?”
Leading consultant Kayleigh cuts through the chaos with practical advice for your teams, leaving you with a roadmap for compliant data management.

The challenges of CRM  | “How your deployment can fail to deliver on its promises”
To delver ROI, digital transformation and CRM projects needs a trained eye. If you are suffering from low team adoption and dated working methods, Head of Consulting Jeremy Ward will highlight what might be causing the problem.

Supporting collaborative business development with 365  | “A must-see live demo”
Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement is enabling business development teams today to work in faster and better ways than ever before. Take a sneak peek at the latest developments from product specialist, Peter Cutts.

The Route to CRM Success  | “A masterclass in CRM deployment and ROI”
Jeremy outlines a proven pathway to success with strategies that align your teams through one empowered process, ensuring any CRM investment is secure and profitable.

CLOSE AT 11:00