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On-Demand Webinar | Xpedition CRM Optimisation Review


Watch our on-demand webinar to discover more about our CRM Optimisation Review service.

In the current environment, ensuring your CRM is working at maximum efficiency is critical for the continuation of customer engagement, open and transparent internal communications, and the overall ability to maintain business continuity as best as possible.
This is why Xpedition has launched its CRM Optimisation Review service. The service is designed to not only assess if your system is optimised to support your organisation today, but also to identify whether any planned updates will impact your CRM system moving forward.
We have seen a great take-up of our CRM Optimisation service so far, but we also know that many of you may still have questions about how we go about assessing a CRM in the current environment, our approach to your data and security, and what intelligence you receive once the review is complete.
That’s why you can now watch our first CRM Optimisation Review webinar on-demand. This informal introduction showcases what the CRM Optimisation review includes and why every organisation, whether they are Microsoft Dynamics 365 users or not, should take advantage of this complimentary service.
Presented by:

  • Charlie Zerny, Senior Consultant, Xpedition
  • John Odell, Business Manager, Xpedition

CRM Optimsation topics covered include: 

  • the common issues we have discovered from recent CRM Optimsation reviews
  • the five key areas of your CRM that we assess and why they are important
  • how we conduct a secure remote CRM Optimisation review
  • our approach to data security
  • how we can help you further once the assessment is completed

If you would like to learn more about our CRM Optimisation Review service, head to the CRM Optimisation Review page, where you can also register your organisation for its very own CRM Optimisation review.