Existing Dynamics Customers

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The State of Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365

The answer to CRM success. Not quite.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is more than just CRM. It is a robust, malleable business solution capable of almost anything. In every Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation, a common driver is to reinforce positive change within an organisation using digital tools. Maybe to revitalise customer experiences, unify the workforce or provide deeper performance analysis. All too often however, many projects are expensive, time-consuming and are still not achieving results.

Xpedition have worked with Microsoft Dynamics since its inception as Microsoft CRM 1.0 back in 2003 and are experienced project managers. We understand the pressure of change management and process delivery and are obsessed with business outcomes.

We deliver results.

CRM success. People not technology.

Successful implementation does not just depend on technology. The success of CRM / ERP implementations depends on the success of project delivery and a model for continuous improvement. Over time, as businesses move on, with changing environmental, customer and corporate behaviours, it’s important that your processes and technologies are modernising too. We work with existing Dynamics users challenged with getting more from their systems and notice the warning signs that their systems are not fit for purpose:

  • Lost confidence in digital processes
  • Lack of adoption in CRM and ERP solutions
  • Data that has become obsolete
  • CRM has fallen off the executive agenda
  • Frustrated users with dated technology and process

The CRM traps

Functionality not fit-for-purpose

Insufficient user involvement and testing will create conflict between solution and requirement that over time will increase workload and decrease adoption.

“Engage your end-users throughout testing and development to ensure a “best-fit” solution mapped to their needs and process.”

Lacking a shared vision of success

Clients with lost confidence in project success will eventually degrade end-solution performance and usability.

“Successful expeditions rely on shared success and responsibilities. Work with a partner that you can trust.”

Over-engineered. Overcomplicated.

Creating a solution that does too much, too soon, can often make a cumbersome end-user experience.

“Dynamics 365 can do almost anything. It’s easy to add functionality if it’s there, the hard part is to concentrate on business critical functions. Work to keep it simple and add complexity later.” 

Dated technology

Legacy versions of Dynamics 365 will over time inhibit the development of process and automation and over time will lose touch with current business and customer requirements.

“Customer orientation isn’t a means to an end. Keep your systems aligned to their changing needs.”

Poor data quality 

CRM and ERP systems provide intelligent insights and actionable information, built on data. Without a culture of data management, your insights will be built on untrustworthy data, creating a lack of confidence in new systems.

“GDPR changes the game around personal data. However, for the rest of your data remember the more you put in, the more you get out.”

Unfocused system design 

During design and implementation, focus on the elements that will add value and simplify the workload of your workforce. Like-to-have’s rather than must-have’s will over complicate your solution and processes.

“Continually refine your requirements to business outcomes, so that your entire team successfully use the system and champion change.”

"Xpedition proved they could recover our CRM project and get us back on track to deliver the critical business functions we needed."

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