Optimisation Assessment

Xpedition Optimisation Assessment

Performance, under the microscope.

The long-term, successful use of CRM in a business is often difficult to accomplish and over time can be inhibited by user-adoption challenges.

Poor user adoption is often caused when users expect their selected technology to be easy-to-use and relevant. However we see this as a symptom rather than a cause of an underlying CRM problem. Users will look for ways round the system if it’s hard to use, but also turn their backs on it if it doesn’t contain the right data or its functions aren’t relevant to their tasks and responsibilities.

On investigation, this lack of user-adoption of CRM has different flavours. Some CRM systems start their life very successfully, but their use wanes over time; some never really take off in the first place. A CRM Optimisation Assessment identifies the gaps in operational processes and sets a roadmap for successful CRM.

Optimisation Assessment

What is an Optimisation Assessment?

A CRM Optimisation Assessment reviews the business technologies you have, assesses its match to your current business processes and with those supported by Dynamics CRM / 365 and investigates the validity of the data-model and data. It explores whether and why your team uses CRM – or not – and how they could get more out of it to support critical business activities and KPIs.

At the end of Xpedition assessment, you will receive a Xpedition CRM Optimisation Report. It shows the results of workshops and investigations, presenting a clear picture of how CRM is currently working in your organisation and how it could achieve more towards your business goals.

What's in the report?

Quick wins and areas for change and improvement. Identifying training needs. Options for building in 3rd Party specialist functions and Dynamics upgrading.

User Opportunities
How more people could take advantage of the solution. Areas of current dissatisfaction and ways to improve user acceptance and uptake.

How valued, liked and used CRM is. Business functions not supported. Recommended changes for optimum business value and performance

Clear costing and a step-by-step plan
Cost and benefits of recommended path to performance improvement.

The benefits

Performance review

 Uncover secrets about adoption and modern process objectives.

Vision of success

A clear vision of improvement and value impact of current and future technologies.

Reduce Risk & Costs

Reduce risks of failed migration and cut overhead costs by using configuration over customisation.

Affordable & Objective

Exploit Xpeditions 15 years of project experience to build a business case for change.

"Xpedition have been completely helpful in coming up with different ways to work together to meet our costs and our requirement to develop self sufficiency"

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