The FS Xcelerator is a suite of modular apps, built on
cloud-based Dynamics 365 and underpinned by Microsoft’s
Power Platform, designed to help financial services
organisations meet today’s complex challenges. Combining
Xpedition’s deep sector knowledge with the latest Microsoft
cloud-based technologies, the FS Xcelerator is the catalyst
for driving digital transformation, accelerating agility, building
resilience and enabling business continuity.

Introducing the FS Xcelerator

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FS Xcelerator Solutions

Combined with Xpedition’s extensive financial services experience, the FS Xcelerator boasts a comprehensive suite of innovative apps, all tailored to help organisations accelerate their performance. The apps showcase the flexibility and agility of the FS Xcelerator and its ability to respond to the many challenges financial services organisations face. For example, our FS Xcelerator Briefing App makes use of the Microsoft Power Platform to power more productive meetings.  By automatically collating key pre-meeting intelligence from multiple data sources, the Briefing App considerably reduces the need for manual searching, dramatically increasing efficiency and productivity, and reducing the risk of missing key meeting information. With key data collated and displayed in an easily digestible format and sent to users at a pre-determined time, FS organisations can be confident that they are armed with the knowledge they need to get the most from the most important meetings.

Another example is the KYC and AML app which accelerates the identification and verification process. Contacts move through a series of pre-determined steps faster, reducing the volume of non-profit earning administrative tasks, and increasing the speed of on-boarding.

As well as offering a suite of apps for the wider financial services sector, the FS Xcelerator also includes innovative apps dedicated to a specific activity. For example, many of our clients have accelerated their performance and overcome challenges with the Wealth Management and Private Equity Accelerators.

Xpedition can also design and build bespoke applications at speed too, helping financial services clients overcome their most pressing issues thanks to the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform.


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Customer Stories

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform provides flexible and proven functionality that Openwork needs for market-leading customer experiences and robust security and compliance. It includes seamless integration with existing Microsoft office systems, KPI reporting and analysis, and comprehensive data access via its open API which is complemented by Microsoft’s Logic Apps and other Azure services.

Craig Woodhouse,
Technical Consultant, Openwork

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It’s unusual for us to external IT suppliers. Xpedition far exceeded our expectations with their collaborative approach and understanding of our unique requirements. This is one of the most successful externally resourced IT projects we’ve undertaken in recent years.

Chris Dobson,
Distribution and Development Director, Ageas Insurance

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We were very confident that Xpedition was the right partner for us, after a rigorous selection and due diligence process. Their sector experience was clear from the outset. The Xpedition consultants made good recommendations based on best practice and in-depth knowledge helping to ensure a solution that brings real value to Oakley.

Fred Raikes,
Investment Director, Oakley Capital

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Why Xpedition?

Xpedition has some of the longest serving consultants in the industry, and is widely respected in the Microsoft community for its Dynamics implementation expertise and the depth of its FS sector knowledge.

Across financial services, the need to accelerate digital transformation is more evident than ever. From increasing agility and improving resilience, to driving business continuity and countering the threats posed by digital disruptors, it’s clear financial service firms have considerable challenges to overcome.

That’s where Xpedition’s in-depth financial services experience and industry knowledge makes the difference.

Xpedition has some of the longest serving consultants in the industry. Widely respected in the Microsoft community for its Dynamics 365 implementations expertise and the depth of its financial services knowledge, Xpedition is a leader in helping firms achieve more. Our dedicated problem solvers thrive in challenging environments, working closely with clients to ensure they succeed in this challenging and ever-changing sector.


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