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Coronavirus – Covid-19: Xpedition Update


Xpedition Service Delivery Update

Through this challenging time, our first priority has been the safety and wellbeing of our staff, customers and their family members. For that reason, since 9th March, Xpedition has been encouraging home working and avoiding unnecessary travel, face to face interaction with colleagues and customer meetings.

Throughout 2020 and now into 2021 as we enter a 3rd national lockdown, the pandemic is testing the business continuity plans that Xpedition developed to respond to disruptions and unexpected events within our business.

As an organisation, we are well prepared for the current disruption. In recent years we have increasingly sought to use technology to allow us to engage with customers remotely where necessary to assist them along the critical stages of selecting, implementing, adopting and optimising cloud business applications.

Xpedition was a very early adopter of Microsoft Teams and this has become a cornerstone of our business in the ways we interact virtually with each other and our customers regardless of location.

Since March our team members have principally been working from home. They use Microsoft Teams and its inbuilt capabilities for collaboration, video conferencing, virtual whiteboard and screen share to advance the impactful Dynamics 365 projects we have built an unrivalled reputation for.

The cloud applications we implement for customers based on Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Cloud are available securely from anywhere on any device, which has allowed us to proceed through the pandemic  across our customer project portfolio without missing a step, despite all our team  and in many cases all our customer’s team being away from the office. In fact, in 2020 we helped numerous customers select, deploy and go-live with a new cloud-based business application without a single face-to-face meeting taking place.

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Whilst the last 10 months have been difficult ones for the country and for the individuals and families directly affected, at Xpedition we are very much open for business, we have a depth of resource and capability to deal with the challenges we face.

We have the people in place working remotely at home and a safe working environment to continue to provide on-going support to our Dynamics 365 customers – some of which like global public health bodies, local authorities and social enterprises are playing a critical role at these unprecedented times.

Our customers embark upon business applications projects to support their growth and other business aspirations including adding resilience, competitiveness and a desire to serve their customers better.

Again, Xpedition stands ready to continue to support our customers with this ambition now and in the future.

The Xpedition Team

January 2021

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