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Turn KYC and On-Boarding into a competitive advantage.

One of the key challenges uncovered in Xpedition’s recent ‘Innovation Equation’ survey, is that across an array of financial services sectors, organisations are struggling to keep up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements and meet their fundamental KYC and on-boarding obligations. Of over 140 financial services professionals surveyed, 46% stated that Know Your Customer (KYC) processes were one of the biggest challenges they faced in day-to-day operations.

There are several reasons why firms from all sectors and of all sizes struggle with meeting KYC requirements, but from our survey, respondents were clear that one of the major reasons is the lack of flexibility in their existing technology stack.

With the KYC and on-boarding process very often the first real interaction that a client has with a firm, it’s essential for a firm to get this process right otherwise a client will quickly lose faith and may very well take their business elsewhere.

Xpedition KYC and On-Boarding Mapping Workshop

To help financial services organisations turn the challenge of KYC and on-boarding into a strength,  Xpedition is offering a complimentary KYC and On-Boarding Workshop to all qualifying financial services organisations.*

With many firms behind the KYC and On-Boarding curve, the workshop offers attendees the opportunity to:

  • Review current solutions and KYC and on-boarding processes
  • Delve into key challenges
  • Explore how the FS Xcelerator, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform can help mitigate challenges
  • Accelerate KYC processes and meet client expectations
  • Collaborate and build a best-practice framework to suit your specific needs
  • Examine the strategies needed to build a strong internal business case

Delivered by an Xpedition expert, this no-obligation workshop is designed to help attendees navigate towards a highly effective KYC and On-Boarding process.

Turn KYC and On-Boarding into a competitive advantage – register today.

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