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The Private Equity Landscape

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Private Equity is a challenging environment. Firms like yours have to balance demands of value creation with an ever-increasing set of challenges. The number of competitor firms is increasing, there is diminishing investor confidence, talent retention is a major concern, and tougher regulations means dedicating further resources and costs to dealing with compliance related matters.

These pressures soon stack up. And without the right guidance and the right technology, firms can easily find themselves in trouble, losing out to competitors and falling foul of the latest regulatory demands.

To navigate this changing landscape, some Private Equity and Venture Capital firms can quickly jump to decisions that, in the long term, can cause more harm than good. They can end up choosing software and consultancy partners that have no experience of the PE and VC industries. Equally, their solutions are often ‘out-of-the-box’ platforms that have no relation to the specific needs of Private Equity and Venture Capital firms.

Xpedition is different. We understand Private Equity and Venture Capital. And, having successfully completed numerous projects, we are the leaders in building and delivering tailored CRM solutions designed to meet your exacting requirements.

We are Xpedition Private Equity.

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A Chosen CRM System

The Private Equity CRM Accelerator

Launching a Private Equity CRM project is one thing. Making sure it will unify your firm and deliver real business value is another. As Dynamics 365 partners we understand that. To maximise your project’s success, you will need all the help you can get. The Private Equity CRM Accelerator is a big step towards helping achieve your goal.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and tailored to Private Equity and Venture Capital firms, the accelerator takes all the power from Microsoft Dynamics and makes it relevant to manage Deal Flow, Investor Relations and Fundraising, and Reporting. With the Xpedition Private Equity CRM Accelerator, you’ll be up and running in a fraction of the time.

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Keep track of progress toward fundraising targets and always know what you have and what you need. Know where to focus your fundraising activity based on insight from past investment programmes and current market knowledge.

Deal Flow

Track critical information and close more deals, faster. Collaborate effectively and access the right information at the right time, making the most of the knowledge held by staff all around your firm.

Investor Relations

Meet the modern digital needs of your investors. Exploit your whole network by mapping relationships between specialist advisers, key contacts and previous investors, so you can make best use of cumulative network knowledge.


Powerful reporting and data intelligence will provide one single, comprehensive picture of current activity and performance. Empowering you to confidently take action and address any issues or un-realised opportunities.

Connected Intelligence

Discover the power of the Xpedition Private Equity Accelerator and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Unlock a world of powerful applications that seamlessly integrate with the Microsoft Office 365 and host of innovative third-party applications that together, give you the power to improve your deal flow, fundraising and investor relations, and talent management.

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Challenge your business processes to revitalise productivity.

We are experienced at deploying across multiple sites and overseas, using both remote and on-site resources, ensuring your firm is benefiting from day one.

To minimise operational disruption and deliver benefit in the shortest time-frame, Xpedition has an experienced consulting team available to plan and implement your solution. An industry-leading Project Manager will coordinate your project, calling on the appropriate experts at the right time to provide the best value and most efficient delivery.

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