The first Private Equity CRM to fully realise the power of Preqin

For over ten years, Xpedition has delivered highly customised CRM solutions to leading Private Equity firms.

During this time, we have forged dynamic partnerships with leading Private Equity solutions providers, creating a synergy that yields even greater results for our clients.

And of all our partnerships, one of our most groundbreaking is our unique partnership with Preqin, the alternative assets industry-leading source of data and intelligence.

Watch the Preqin demo

Spanning private equity, private debt, hedge funds, real estate, infrastructure and natural resources, Preqin offers data on over 16,000 investors and 350,000 deals. Added to that are its award-winning workflow and monitoring tools, all of which make Preqin the home of alternative assets.




The Preqin Connector

Harness the power of Preqin with Xpedition Private Equity

Whether you are already a Preqin subscriber, or are thinking about becoming a Preqin subscriber, you will now be able to access the vast database of intelligence that only Preqin can provide, but directly through the Xpedition CRM platform.

The convergence of the Xpedition Private Equity Accelerator with the Preqin Connector provides users with the ability to track and evaluate both potential and existing investors,  all augmented by the rich source of data intelligence available through Preqin.

The Preqin Connector is entirely configurable to the needs of your firm, making it one of the most relevant, comprehensive and usable data sources available for Private Equity and Venture Capital firms to date.

Watch a short demo of the Preqin Connector working within the Xpedition Private Equity Accelerator to see how this dynamic partnership can take you further.

Watch the Preqin demo

"Clients need their employees to make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date information, and this integration delivers that insight, with fully connected business applications helping to drive decision making. We have worked closely with Preqin to make this happen and are delighted to now make the solution available to clients"

Jon Archer, Private Equity Business Manager - Xpedition