Private Equity DealFlow App

Track critical information and close more deals, faster

Your Private Equity firm is full of talented people.

But their valuable time is limited.

Reduce the time they spend on unproductive sales activities and repetitive due diligence. Free them up to focus on the tasks that boost your productivity and drive deals to close.

Xpedition’s advanced Private Equity DealFlow App, part of the Xpedition Private Equity CRM Accelerator, lets you easily manage client information and effectively control, monitor and advance your deals through the sales pipeline.

With one centralised CRM view of each and every investment, your firm can optimise Deal Flow Management by helping you:

–  Control all customer interactions – manage and track emails, call notes, meetings and digital interactions from CRM and other Microsoft Office tools

–  Deploy effective sales collaboration – access the right information at the right time, making the most of the knowledge held by staff all around your firm

–  Progress sales opportunities to close – move deals forward faster, with automated workflows and business processes that reduce bottlenecks and keep opportunities progressing along the deal flow pipeline

–  Report and measuring sales deal success – demonstrate the risk and reward of every deal and assess potential opportunities with dashboards and real-time reporting

–  Make insight-led decisions faster – focus your team’s time and effort with comprehensive and trustworthy intelligence on business opportunities.