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To reach the summit, you need expert guidance, and the right service. Xpedition will show you the best path for your business.

When embarking on a technology project, you must understand the end goal. Our services deliver defined outcomes, and we know that every business is different. We’ll work with you to identify and understand your requirements so we can guide your path to growth.

We relish challenging briefs, and during this initial exploration, we’ll challenge your thinking to ensure you aim high and don’t settle for mediocrity. Our expertise puts you and your business in safe hands. We know the terrain and it’s a well-trodden path for us.

We’ll assemble the best team and equipment to take you to the top – the right resources, skills, technology and ideas. You’ll get the benefits and see real business value.

Many software implementations fail, in the same way that adventurous expeditions fail, for a variety of reasons. We know why this can happen, and we’ve rescued a few. Defining the right path and the right approach will keep your project on track.

Choosing an expert partner that will take the time to understand your needs, and provide professional guidance, is key to reaching your destination. At Xpedition, we’ll show you the way.

Discovery >

The Discovery stage sets out deliverables, responsibilities and costs against a high-level system design. Together, we can plot the best path for your business to take to reach your desired destination. At Xpedition, we provide the expert team to stand by your side.

Through a series of meetings and workshops with key team members we will work with you to translate your business objectives into a complete project definition with costs, scope, risks and a road map for everyone to follow.

Implementation >

With all the important information acquired, we are in the perfect position to provide you with the business solution that meets your every need. That might mean developing a new system, evolving an existing one or helping you make the most of what you already have. Whatever type of project you require, we’ll deliver the simplest and most elegant solution, and help to keep your costs down.

We develop new systems from scratch, and also have vast experience of recovering failed projects and getting them back on track.

Accelerator Implementation >

Our range of industry specific accelerators are tailored for organisations in our specialist sectors. Built by our leading experts, with foundations derived from our experience of working with organisations like yours, and powered by Dynamics 365, these accelerators make implementation projects even more efficient. An accelerator implementation will get you to your destination, with proven experts by your side.

Cloud Migration >

There are many benefits of migrating your business systems to the cloud with Dynamics 365. These include easier sharing of vital data, improved analytics, enhanced integration between your different departments and simplified usability which, in turn, will lead to increased performance from your staff. At Xpedition, not only will we deliver all these benefits for you, but we’ll also make the journey to the Cloud as effortless as possible.

Online Upgrade Support >

These days, your customers and prospects expect faster and more personalised interactions from you and that’s exactly what an upgrade with Microsoft Dynamics 365 can deliver. It will also provide you with enhanced functionality, analytics and integration to help make your employees more productive and your business more efficient. Using our simple 3-step process, Xpedition will guide you every step of the way to a new and better system.

PowerBI Starter Pack >

PowerBI is a cloud-base analytics service that transforms your company’s data into interactive, easy-to-understand graphs and charts. With maximum clarity and impact, these will help you to recognise significant trends and focus your attention on the things that are critical to your business success. Xpedition’s Starter Pack consists of a 5-day programme which includes user training once the upgrade has been completed.

Optimise >

Optimise will help us work with you to identify quick and significant wins for your organisation, adding maximum value with minimum effort. Think of it as a handy shortcut on your way to the top.

Optimise is particularly relevant when adoption of your current system is low or when it is no longer able to meets the needs of your business. Delivered by our CRM experts, who are highly experienced at driving additional value from the system, Optimise consists of a small number of focused activities such as training workshops, trial upgrades and enhanced reporting capability.

Need Dynamics 365 support?

As a Microsoft Dynamics Gold Partner with over 20 years’ experience of supporting Microsoft Dynamics systems, Xpedition has encountered most issues.

Our team has the expertise to resolve them. This experience, coupled with a Microsoft Partner Support Agreement, helps to ensure that all potential eventualities are covered.

Find out more about our support services and Download our support brochure.

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