Accelerator Implementation

Benefit from our experience

We know the way

With an accelerator implementation, we’ll run your project using one of our range of industry specific accelerator templates. These templates are tailored for organisations in our specialist sectors, where we have a particularly high level of experience and expertise.

Built by our leading experts, with foundations built on our extensive experience of working with organisations like yours, and powered by Dynamics 365, these accelerators make implementation projects even more efficient. An accelerator implementation will get you to your destination, with proven experts by your side.

Before we speak, we’ll already know most of what you want to achieve. When we do speak, you may find we have ideas around how you can use technology in your business that you’ve not even thought of. Having made the journey many times before, we can lead the way forward with total confidence.

Pre-built customisation

“Will we be able to get all this with our budget?”

Our knowledge of your industry means we know many of the problems you face and the benefits you would like to achieve, before you even get in touch with us. The fact that we’ve addressed these issues many times before means your transformation is sure to be smooth and effortless. That’s why Accelerator Implementation invariably means a lower cost to deploy and a faster delivery of the functionality your firm requires, because the core structure is already there.

Sector-specific solutions

“How did you know that’s an issue for us?”

We offer Accelerator Implementation for a select range of industry sectors where we have significant experience. When you deal with industry-specific issues day-in day-out, you start to get a strong understanding of what will work and what won’t. While no two companies are ever the same, the issues they face usually are, and this means you’ll be able to benefit from all the knowledge we’ve picked up along the way. This puts us in the perfect position to help you solve your issues.

Best practice solution

“Will the new system be easy to use?”

Accelerator Implementation is a best practice solution that will revitalise operational efficiency and accelerate the progress of your business. The Microsoft platform means the solution seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office tools, making it easy for your team to use intuitively. It’s designed to integrate with your existing data and technology, creating a single source of actionable insight for your business.

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