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The Xpedition Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration consultancy service is for companies looking to move their system away from an in-house infrastructure and into the cloud. There are many benefits of such a transition and they include easier sharing of vital data, improved analytics, enhanced integration between your different departments and simplified usability which, in turn, will lead to increased performance from your staff.

Migrating to the cloud provides you with the perfect opportunity to review your existing system, add anything that you might have been missing and include additional services such as Power BI to enhance your reporting. Whatever you decide, Xpedition will conduct analysis and design activities as part of the migration to make your journey as smooth as possible.

Nothing to lose

“Will we lose any of our existing functionality?”

While migrating to the Cloud gives you the chance to change things that aren’t working well for your organisation, there may be other aspects of your current system that you’ll be very keen to keep. Our Regression Testing phase will ensure that any existing functionality that you want to retain will be available to you after the upgrade.

Easy transition

“Will the move to the Cloud cause much disruption?”

With any transition like this, a common concern is the inconvenience of getting to your destination. Our Issues Analysis will evaluate any problems we may face along the way, and will devise the best plan to resolve them. We also have a number of user training programmes to ensure that, once the new system is in place, your employees are ready to make the most of the new capability from the outset.

Accessible data

“How will this help make us more efficient?”

One of the major benefits of migrating to the Cloud is that all your data is stored in one place, instantly available for everyone who needs to access it. This will make a big difference to your organisation’s efficiency because there is no danger of important data being hidden away in unusable places. The more key data your employees have at their fingertips, the better job they will be able to do for you.

Tailor-made for your needs

“Will we ever outgrow our new system?”

Moving to the Cloud gives you the chance to introduce a system that does everything you want, as well as many things that you didn’t know were possible. Working with your experts from different departments, we will customise capability to meet your every need. As Dynamics 365 is designed to grow at the same pace as your company, you don’t have to worry about trying to build capability that you might need in the future.

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