Dynamics 365 Implementation

Maximum benefit, minimum cost

Your personalised road map

With all the important information acquired, we are in a perfect position to provide you with the business solution that meets your every need. That might mean developing a new system, evolving an existing one or helping you make the most of what you already have. Successful Dynamics 365 implementation is based around knowing how to turn requirements into benefits. Whatever type of project you require, we’ll deliver the simplest and most elegant solution to keep your costs down to an absolute minimum.

There is an astounding 84% failure rate for digital transformation projects, often down to a lack of proper preparation before the journey starts. As well as developing new systems from scratch, we also have vast experience of recovering failed projects and getting them back on track.

Focus on business benefits

“What else should we be thinking of building into our solution?”

Our priority is always on providing a solution that delivers tangible benefits for your business. We won’t waste your time or money on introducing ‘nice to haves’. Following that philosophy, we will only use bespoke code, which inevitably raises the final cost of your solution, where a genuine business benefit has been defined. That way, we deliver exactly what your business needs and that’s all you’ll end up paying for.

Keeping things simple

“Shouldn’t we be considering our future needs?”

Many companies try to future-proof digital systems by building in capability they don’t need at that moment. One of the key strengths of Dynamics 365 is that it grows with your business. We’ll always keep things simple where possible, delivering the benefits you need without unnecessary complexity. You only ever need to invest in the products that you actually need at the time you’re commissioning the system.

Easy integration with other systems

“Can we keep what we like about our current system?”

Integration with other client business applications is a common requirement for our Dynamics 365 solutions. After consulting with your relevant team members to understand all the business needs going forward, our experts will prepare a design specification for the integration work, and then implement it as soon as this has been agreed. Alternatively, we’ll recommend suitable modern alternatives.

Carefully monitored progress

“How will I know if everything’s going according to plan?”

Whatever the scale, introducing Dynamics 365 is likely to require significant investment. During implementation, It’s common to need ongoing reassurance that everything is going according to plan. We provide weekly status reports and regular project review meetings that will provide you with updates on tasks completed, cost management and potential risk or issues with upcoming development.

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