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Digital transformation is changing the way organisations operate, how they engage their customers, their culture, products and ambitions. It isn’t easy, but if organisations are to stay relevant and competitive, digital transformation is absolutely essential.

Underpinned by proven concepts from Harvard Business School and McKinsey, Microsoft Catalyst helps organisations realise what digital disruption means to them. By engaging key stakeholders through proven envisaging techniques that open up the conversation to levels most organisations will be unfamiliar with, Catalyst encourages organisations to explore creative and meaningful ways to advance their critical transformation.

As part of the Xpedition approach, and supported by the principals of Mircosoft Catalyst, organisations will understand future disruptions, and how they can mitigate these challenges and risks. It also provides an environment for organisations to conceive and build an actionable plan that helps them realise their most ambitious projects, and explore how innovative technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, the Power Platform, and Microsoft Azure Cloud services can accelerate their digital transformation ambitions.

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The Catalyst Journey

Digital transformation isn’t easy, but with Xpedition’s expert guidance, supported by the proven, innovative techniques of Microsoft Catalyst, you can start from the why of business challenges, and arrive at the how with actionable, transformative plans that drive change.

  • Inspire – Observational Model: This phase focuses on envisioning and strategy development. Xpedition will work with you to imagine a future state for your organisation through a human-centered, design thinking approach. We do this through an envisioning workshop to identify and process the challenges of transformation so you can reimagine what your future organisation could become.
  • Design – Solution Value Assessment: This phase builds a compelling case for change by discussing business and technological impacts. During this phase, you’ll quantify the business benefits. You will align technology investments to your business goals, clarifying specific actions toward transformation.
  • Empower – Solution Demo: The collaborative and iterative process of the Empower phase generates a powerful solution demonstration. Stakeholders can make use of this demo to share their vision throughout the organisation, building excitement and importantly, aligning key influencers with decision-makers.
  • Achieve – Transition: Finally, you will transition from envisioning to execution. Through customer-success workshops and advocacy planning that supports adoption, value realisation, and innovation roadmaps, you will receive a customised action plan that offers a real-world blueprint for executing solutions and transforming your organisation.

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Xpedition’s extensive experience in financial services means we are able to deliver Catalyst workshops across all industries including insurance and banking. We also have specialist experience in Wealth Management and Private Equity. Download a Catalyst Workshop datasheet to learn more and register for a workshop today.

FSX Catalyst Workshop Datasheet

Private Equity Workshop Datasheet

Wealth Management Workshop Datasheet