Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Optimisation

Understand if your CRM is optimised and identify any risk factors

Xpedition would like to help you to keep up to date with planned updates to your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM system.

As the platform continues to evolve, and with updates being released by Microsoft on a biannual basis, Xpedition would like to offer both our qualifying customers and prospective customers a regular, free-of-charge CRM Optimisation review.

The Xpedition CRM Optimisation service is designed to not only assess if your system is optimised to support your organisation today, but also to identify whether any planned updates will impact your CRM system moving forward.

We want to offer you peace of mind by providing a thorough review of your system.  Should any issues be identified, we will flag them and work with you to put together a plan to proactively address them. And whilst doing so, we will also highlight any opportunities where an update will help you to get more from your CRM investment.

Start your Optimisation journey

Your CRM Optimisation comprises:

  • A remote half-day technical review by a Microsoft Certified consultant.
  • Optional survey on users, usage and licences – this helps us to advise you on how to make the most of your licences and any licence issues.

Your CRM Optimisation report covers:

  • Issues: Problems with your CRM that need to be addressed, which could include unsupported configuration and customisations, reliance on deprecated functionality, licence non-compliance.
  • Risks: Areas which could develop into more serious problems, such as sub-standard configuration, data quality or security set-up.
  • Improvements: How you can get more out of your CRM system, through best practice and/or by using capabilities that you are not currently taking advantage of.
  • Recommendations: Where possible, we will provide costed recommendations for addressing issues, risks and improvements found during the CRM Optimisation review.
  • Next step actions: This could include arranging a more detailed on-site review and/or meeting to discuss our findings and provide guidance on the options open to you.

Get started

Learn more about our CRM Optimisation service

 On-demand Webinar | What’s included in a CRM Optimisation Review?

Hosted by senior Xpedition consultant Charlie Zerny and Business Manager John Odell, this on-demand webinar highlights the five key areas assessed in a CRM Optimisation review, why they’re crucial for CRM success and how we conduct a remote Optimisation review securely.

Watch the on-demand webinar