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Meet customer expectations

If you’re not keeping up with the latest capability offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365, then there’s a danger your competitors will leave you behind. The fact is, your customers and prospects expect faster and more personalised interactions from you and that’s exactly what an upgrade can deliver. It will also provide you with enhanced functionality, usability, analytics and integration.

Xpedition will guide you every step of the way, so you know exactly what benefits you can expect to find waiting for you around the corner. Our proven 3-step process offers you the chance to trial the upgrade, gives you full support during the transition phase and then helps you with employee training to optimise the benefits once the new system is up and running.

Working trial

“When will you be able to give us a cost estimate?”

Xpedition offers an important trial period for your upgrade, conducted on a sandbox environment, to assess the scale of the necessary work and help prepare a detailed plan of development and cost estimate. Among other things, this trial will determine the need for customisation and configuration, bespoke code, integrations and training.

Maximise the benefits

“Can you help get more employees to engage with our system?”

Having completed the trial upgrade, Xpedition will be in a position to take your business to the next level. This could include support from Microsoft, which we coordinate, and end user training for new features. This will help to reignite company-wide system adoption in cases where some employees have not been taking advantage of the full capabilities, for whatever reason.

Minimum inconvenience

“Will the upgrade cause issues for our staff?”

When anything in life is upgraded, from road surfaces to our own homes, we know we can expect to face a frustrating period of disruption. But with Xpedition’s Online Upgrade Support, we do everything we can to minimise any inconvenience for your business. So, for example, we’re always happy to accomplish production upgrades over a weekend so your employee productivity is less affected.

Making life easier

“Will our staff be able to use all the new features?”

There’s no point increasing the capability of your system if your staff don’t know how to use all the new features. That’s why we place huge importance on training programmes. Sometimes it is impractical to speak to every person in the company, but we have well-established train-the-trainer schemes to help bring new features to life in a way that even the least technologically-minded employees will be able to appreciate.

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