Going the extra mile

The final push to the summit

The Xpedition Optimise assessment is designed to improve an existing Dynamics installation or upgrade an older version to Dynamics 365 in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

It involves reviewing the technology you have and the business processes that are supported and those that aren’t. From there, it will help to identify quick wins for your organisation, adding maximum value with minimum effort. Think of it as a handy shortcut on your way to the top.

Optimise is particularly relevant when adoption of your current system is low or when it is no longer able to meets the needs of your business. Delivered by our CRM experts, who are highly experienced at driving additional value from the system, Optimise consists of a small number of focused activities such as training workshops, trial upgrades and enhanced reporting capability.

Know exactly what you’re paying for

“Will my CEO be able to understand the budget?”

Transforming all your different data sources to one seamless cloud-based system is easier said than done. Optimise elaborates on every last detail to ensure that all the important stakeholders in your organisation can understand what value you’re getting for every last pound you invest.

Making the transition seamless

“What problems will we face during the transition?”

You’re convinced of the benefits of moving your existing data sources into one seamless cloud-based system. Yet, the fear of difficulties that might lie ahead can sometimes be enough to stop you in your tracks. Optimise will help to put your mind at ease by breaking down the journey into a series of small, manageable steps.

Low overheads

“How can we get maximum value for money?”

As every organisation is different, you’ll need personalised support to find the best way to reach your ultimate destination. Once we’ve helped you plot the road map, we set about creating a solution that will minimise your costs and ongoing overheads by configuring the existing system wherever possible, instead of customising it.

The benefit of experience

“Can you be sure this will work best?”

The transition that lies ahead is a huge undertaking for your organisation but, for us, this is a well-trodden path. With our experience, we’ll quickly identify the problems and advise you how to fix them.  Allow us to guide you and we’ll use all our experience to ensure a seamless and effortless transition to Dynamics 365.

Enhanced customer communication

“What about customer-facing benefits?”

While transforming all your different data sources to one cloud-based system will have massive implications for the efficiency of your organisation’s infra-structure, there will be tangible business benefits too. Customers will enjoy a tailored service through the channels that suit them best, and you will always know the optimum time to engage with them.

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