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One of the key advantages of Dynamics 365 is its scalability. The platform will grow with your business, driving your organisation’s success, now and in the future with Intelligent Business Applications across Sales, Marketing,  Project Service Automation, Customer Service, and Business Central. It will simplify data management and facilitate integration across all the departments of your business to boost employee productivity, customer satisfaction and profits.

This isn’t just CRM or ERP – it covers every process within your business. But as you only pay for the applications you need, you know you’ll always get your money’s worth. A proven set of applications to power your business. Need data migration or data insight? We’ve got you covered for your data needs too.

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Sales >

High-level customer insight gives your sales team the advantage they crave. Anticipating customer needs enables you to have the right conversation at the right time to get important deals over the line. You can also manage the sales pipeline and identify effective next steps with total confidence. As you’re able to access Dynamics 365 anywhere, from any device, you can check the latest data right before you head into an important meeting.

Marketing >

Comprehensive data insight and customer knowledge gives marketers the opportunity to execute personalised campaigns that engage prospects when they are most ready to listen. The platform provides marketing automation, email marketing, web intelligence, campaign analytics, lead management and social marketing to help your team focus on coming up with the most effective campaigns possible.

Project Service Automation >

A connected and responsive project resourcing, tracking and billing solution. The cloud-based system stores data, information and processes in one place for all stakeholders to access any time, anywhere. This enables everyone involved to follow project schedules with ease, making sure costs, resources and timings stay on target. With clear, real-time dashboards, you can also identify potential issues in advance and take action to keep things on track.

Customer Service >

Every customer has their own preferred ways of accessing services. That could be through online search, phone, mobile apps, online chat, or by quizzing field reps in person. Dynamics 365 for Customer Service helps your business harness all the customer insight to deliver timely support, however each customer wants it. Better still, as there’s one central information source, the customer experience will be the same across every channel.

Business Central >

Take the shackles off your business with Dynamics 365 Business Central, an all-in-one business management solution that is easy to use and adapt. By seamlessly connecting all the different areas of your business, you’ll be perfectly equipped to make the right decisions at the right time. With this enhanced capability, you’ll be in the perfect position to make efficiencies in every area of your business.

Data Migration & Data Insight >

We use industry leading tools to handle data migration and provide you with insights into your data. These tools enable our clients to keep on top of their data needs, using Scribe for data mapping and integration, and Inside View to provide invaluable prospect, sales and market data.

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