Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service

A personalised service for customers

Keep your customers loyal

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service helps your business harness customer insight to deliver timely support, however and whenever the customer wants it. These days, each customer has their own preferred ways of accessing services. That could be through online search, phone, mobile apps, online chat, or by quizzing field reps in person.

Whatever their preference, you need to able to respond immediately, with up-to-date information that customers can access in any way, at any time. To do this, you need the consistency that comes from having one information source serving all your different channels.

Giving customers what they want

“Can our customers contact us via their choice of channel, whenever it suits them?”

With everything stored in just one place, it makes it easier for you to distribute the latest information, no matter which channel the customer chooses to use. Whether they prefer to interact by email, social media or phone, they’ll still experience the same level of service and speed of responsiveness.

Set up a searchable portal

“Can customers easily provide feedback to help us keep improving?”

Make it simple for naturally inquisitive customers to find information on their own. Provide a searchable portal and knowledge base for all those who prefer to research their own answers. Dynamics 365 makes this easy to set up and, better still, you can also establish online community forums for discussion and experience-sharing.

Empower your customer agents

“Will our customers receive a consistent high-quality experience?”

Give your customer service agents all the information they need to offer the best possible service, in the field or from the office. Customer engagements and service histories are easy to access, so agents can follow on seamlessly from previous contacts and cases, with a 360-degree view of the customer profile.

Respond faster to customers

“Can we auto-monitor social media so we can respond to customer challenges?”

Insightful analytics help you track and maintain the quality of customer interactions and responses. You can monitor social media to anticipate service demands and intervene before issues escalate. Every employee can engage customers in a relevant way, and can even offer proactive help based on the customer’s profile and history.

Global customer service report

In a world where price and product can easily be matched, customer experience has become a key differentiator. It’s never been more important to understand customer expectations, perceptions, preferences and trends.

Stay ahead of the competition and earn customers for life with intelligent customer service.


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