Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Deliver the right message at the right time

Target someone, not everyone

With Dynamics 365 for marketing, marketers can use data insight to execute personalised campaigns that engage prospects with the right message at the right time. Your marketing team probably has plenty of ideas on how to capture customer attention. But how do they know which campaigns will deliver the best ROI? And whether the results will feed smoothly into the sales pipeline, where resources are ready to capitalise on them?

Dynamics 365 for marketing joins the dots between the different areas of your business. It also provides your marketers with the business intelligence they need to drive deeper customer engagement and produce multi-channel campaigns that really hit the spot.

One team, one dream

“Do marketing campaigns auto-feed into the sales pipeline?”

Share the same view of the customer journey across your business. You can then collaborate with the sales team to target and prioritise campaigns, using reliable data insight. That means you’ll be feeding your leads into the pipeline when your sales team is perfectly placed to exploit them, ensuring that no opportunity is wasted.

Know when to call

“Can our marketers see current campaign performance?”

Dynamics 365 provides marketing automation, email marketing, web intelligence and campaign analytics to help your team with planning. You can increase your activity while evolving it to improve results. Automated social discovery lets you know who’s interested in your products, so you can quickly engage them.

Evaluate your leads

“Will Dynamics 365 help us cherry-pick the best opportunities?”

Spot the opportunities with the most potential with advanced lead management and lead scoring. Nurture your leads and prospects with multi-stage, trigger-based, personalised content and offers that guide customers through the sales funnel, no matter where they are in the buying cycle.

Make the most of social media

“Will our marketers stay ahead of social marketing trends?”

Dynamics 365 gives you embedded social media tools, so you can keep right up to date with customer and prospect needs. Measure your social media campaign performance and track your share of voice across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. With social tracking, you can evaluate and influence your brand presence.

Targeted planning

“Will campaign analytics feed into future planning to enhance ROI?”

With Dynamics 365, you see ROI on every marketing activity. Measure pipeline and revenue and assess the results using your personalised dashboard. With a clear overview of all results, you can quickly judge performance and plan the best way forward. Real-time reporting is easy with familiar tools including Excel and Power BI.

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