Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Insight that drives sales

Sales has changed

These days, gut feel and experience is no longer enough to be successful. It’s now vital to know your customer’s communication preferences and exactly the right time to move the sales process forward. Without insightful business data, this is almost impossible.

Dynamics 365 for Sales gives your team competitive insight thanks to intelligent business data and sales collaboration tools. It enables you to make informed decisions and allows you to engage with customers in a timely and personalised way.

Better still, repetitive tasks such as contact email tracking and task views are automated, leaving more time to focus on closing business. A win-win situation.

New customer intelligence

“Can sales leaders view team activities to plan and monitor performance?”

With Dynamics 365 for Sales, you can see the overall sales picture for your entire business. Steer your sales team to anticipate market and customer needs and seize the best opportunities in real-time. Make informed decisions based on intelligent data to manage the sales pipeline and identify effective next steps with confidence.

Strengthen customer relationships

“Can the team gain social insights to drive customer interactions?”

Provide sales with personalised information to deepen one-to-one customer relationships, keeping the conversation alive and relevant. Social media insights, content consumed and up-to-date company information are embedded in the sales process—so your reps know how, where and when to engage.

Use new customer insight

“Can our managers see an overview to help them react to new opportunities?”

Lead your sales teams confidently with customer insight that clearly highlights priorities for your business with Dynamics 365 for Sales. Easy-to-use dashboards help you set smart goals and monitor results, while built-in ‘Help’ enables you to align your team’s actions with best practices. With the right insight, your team can win more business.

Keep it personal

“Can sales and marketing teams collaborate through your modules?”

Win over customers with personalised content that anticipates and meets their needs. Align marketing and sales messaging, maintain brand consistency, and deliver relevant sales assets, such as presentations and white papers, to prospects at each stage of the sales cycle.

Do business anywhere

“Can sales people access the information they need, even when they’re on the road?”

With timing such a vital factor in sales, being able to sell on the move changes the way you do business. Give your sales teams access to real-time business information, anytime, anywhere, so they can respond instantly to a customer’s changing needs. That way they’ll know exactly the right moment to clinch the deal.




Dynamics 365 for Sales is an application of Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement business solution. Other applications include:

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