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Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s next generation of intelligent, cloud-based business applications. Dynamics 365 connects your data, streamlines your processes and gives you deep business insight – enabling you to transform and thrive.

You choose the apps you need. From sales, marketing and customer service, to financial management and operations, Dynamics 365 is a modular set of applications with a common data model, platform and deep integration with Office 365.

All the apps work seamlessly together and can be integrated with your existing systems, extended and adapted with the Microsoft Power Platform. Power Apps enable custom apps to be built to work the way your teams need to.

Using common data and the Power Platform with a ‘no-code/low-code’ approach, you’ll quickly be automating processes and getting insights to the people who need them.

Only pay for what you need

“Can I create a bespoke solution to suit our business?”  

To get started with Dynamics 365, just choose the business apps you need. Then when your business requires more support, simply add what you need. Each application is designed to be used easily, either alone or working together with others. We use a common data model with a role-based approach for different business functions.

Save time with seamless integration

“How will Dynamics 365 make our working life easier?” 

Dynamics 365 will have a big impact on productivity as applications are fully integrated with Office 365, making all data and tools available in the window you’re working in. So, for example, you can respond to an order email without leaving Outlook, as you call up purchase histories, invoices and discount approvals right there.

Advanced business tools

“Can Dynamics 365 help with our business planning?” 

Dynamics 365 takes a huge leap forward in the power to consume data with super-smart in-built business intelligence tools. Power BI and Cortana Intelligence deliver the power to explore and share your business data, while providing predictive insights and actionable next steps. You can evaluate past performance, see current status and quickly adjust business processes to influence future performance.

Dynamics 365 grows with you

“What happens when our business needs change?”

Want to add more capability? Need to customise or develop? Dynamics 365 has both power user and Azure developer tools to make expansion simple, fast and effective. You can adapt quickly to meet market and business process changes and keep your CRM and ERP capabilities advancing at the same pace as your business.

Dynamics 365 and the Intelligent Microsoft Business Cloud


Discover Dynamics 365

The next generation of intelligent cloud business applications is here, bringing huge potential for your business through the power of digital technology.

Speak to one of our team to discover how you can meet the changing needs of your customers with one purpose-built cloud application that works to help manage Sales, Marketing, Client Services, Project Services, Finance and Operations across your entire business.

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