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AI in Marketing: Driving Growth Through Advanced Personalisation | An Xpedition webinar


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Today, there is an unquestionable need for organisations to deliver personalised customer experiences. More and more, customers expect organisations to deliver highly relevant, tailored content to them at the right time, and on the right platform.

But with so much data now available to marketers, the ability to disseminate and act on the most relevant intelligence is becoming ever-harder. Marketers face a constant stream of data and trying to correctly analyse and make sense of it all of it is nearly impossible.

With new technologies are coming to the fore, however, technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) are helping marketers quickly and effectively analyse considerable amounts of data, opening up a new world of advanced personalisation that ensure a modern customer experience.

Join us to learn how AI can create a superior customer experience

For the modern marketer, AI opens up a host of exciting opportunities for marketers in both B2C and B2B.  For example, the latest AI capabilities available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 enable marketers to gain far more accurate images of their target audience. AI helps marketers move beyond standard geographic and demographic segmentation and instead, categorise and engage target audiences with highly personalised messages based on their behaviour, interactions and preferences. The result is that by utilising the superior capabilities of AI, marketers will be able to map and create superior customer journeys to ensure a next-generation customer experience.

On 1st October, join Xpedition’s Head of Marketing, Kayleigh Lewis, to learn how AI can help you:

  • Create detailed buyer personas that lead to highly personalised campaigns
  • Tailor each customers journey to ensure an engaging, modern customer experience
  • Discover more about company sentiment and buying intent across social media
  • Respond in real-time with intelligent chatbots that reinforce leading customer service
  • Deliver sales the most qualified leads based on advanced lead scoring and behavioural models

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