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Support a safer return to the workplace

Xpedition Wellbeing App

As companies start to return to the workplace, Xpedition has developed a simple configurable app using the Microsoft Power Platform, to help organisations stay connected with their employees and support their wellbeing.

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All features of the app including the questions and responses, the schedule of prompts in Microsoft Teams and the branding are fully configurable to your organisation’s needs.

Features and Functions of the Wellbeing App:

  • Available on mobile and within Microsoft Teams
  • Prompts staff to provide feedback on how they are feeling
  • Enables immediate alerts to line managers
  • Can be used to identify working location (e.g. Home, Office, Customer Site)
  • Allows them to rate the cleanliness and safety of the location
  • Records their journey (e.g. Public Transport) and any issues encountered
  • Feedback captured in the app can be analysed using inherent dashboards and reports as part of the Power Platform.

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