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The Business Guide to CRM

A Complete ‘How-to’ for Delivering Successful CRM.
A good business case is the key to get your senior management teams and end users on board. That’s why you need the CRM Business Guide.
This ‘how to’ guide from Xpedition explains how to avoid CRM project pitfalls and achieve long lasting CRM success. Outlined in simple strategic steps, with this guide you can create an effective technology foundation for ongoing improvements.
CRM Business GuideAt its core, CRM is the tool that enables everyone in your organisation to engage with customers. Measuring marketing value against spend, improving customer satisfaction, effective management of the sales pipeline and delivering profitable client projects are all made simple with a successful CRM.

“We hope that you find this guide useful and that it kick-starts your journey to success with your CRM initiatives”
 – Jeremy Ward, Head of CRM Consulting, Xpedition.

5 reasons why you must read the CRM Business Guide before your project

CRM projects aren’t easy and Gartner states that 50% of CRM projects fail to match expectations or deliver value. Give your project the best possible start with 5 considerations from Xpedition and our CRM project experts.
1) Creating a clear vision for success
Without a clear vision for improvement and change, CRM projects can often lose stakeholder and staff engagement. So, you must set a clear and empowering vision that engages your company throughout the project.
2) Keeping adoption levels high
70% of CRM projects fail due to user adoption (Forrester Research) and even the best and most tailored CRM solution can still result in low adoption. Before you embark on a CRM project, think how your culture and structure can drive company-wide adoption from day 1.
3) Why you NEED a CRM Business Case
Putting a strong Business Case together often determines whether a CRM system joins Gartner’s 50% failure rate or whether it prospers. Making a case for change requires leadership and a clear vision. In your Business Case, you can ensure successful outcomes by asking the right questions about current performance as well as environmental and technological restrictions.
4) How to confront the Data
Modern CRM software is sophisticated, flexible and easy to use, providing intelligent analysis and powerful reporting that will propel your business to make decisions faster. However, none of that is relevant if the data is wrong, out of date or not compliant with legislation such as GDPR. You need to ask the right questions about your data health so that you have the confidence to analyse and action.
5) Champion the Digital Revolution
Navigating the digital age using modern ways of working needs continuous iteration and improvement. Has you CRM project team got the right personalities to champion digital solutions and accelerate change?
CRM Business Guide
Download the CRM Business Guide today to equip your organisation for success.