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Five of the Biggest Strategic Challenges Facing UK Consulting Firms Today

This thought paper reviews five of the biggest strategic challenges facing UK consulting firms today: from identifying new target markets, attracting & retaining clients, delivering the right services, proving your digital credentials to sourcing the best consulting talent.

In each section, it sets out how intelligent business applications can play a critical role in helping you to address these business challenges, make the right strategic decisions going forward, achieve differentiation from the competition and increase opportunities for high-growth.

To find out how you can meet this challenge head-on and achieve high -growth download this paper.

Grow in line with changing client needs & fend off the competition by:

-Adapting to new market opportunities
-Proving your digital transformation credentials to clients
-Attracting and retaining the right people and consulting skills
-Collaborating to differentiate your services from competitors
-Becoming – and remaining – a trusted advisor for your clients

Consulting firms who act now and adapt to this industry transition will win clients trust, retention, referral and ultimately new business.