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Generation Why? Meeting the needs of millennials in wealth management

A wealth management guide to understanding the millennial
mindset and delivering a next-generation client experience

The ‘Great Wealth Transfer’ is already underway. It is estimated that millennials are likely to accrue more than $30 trillion of wealth over the next 15 years.
They have different needs and expectations compared to your current clients. They demand a new type of client experience. One that fits with their idea of a modern, digital experience that fits with their lifestyle.
For you and your firm,  it means the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is no longer the default option.
Those firms that can adapt will thrive. Those that don’t will fade away.
Download your Xpedition whitepaper to better get inside the millennial mindset and to better understand how you can deliver the next-generation client experience.
In this whitepaper, learn:

  • what millennials expect from the new client-advisor relationship
  • the opportunities available to you are if your firm gets it right
  • why a ‘hybrid advisor’ approach provides clients with the best of both worlds
  • your next key steps if you haven’t already started developing a digital mindset

Read the whitepaper today so you can learn how to deliver the millennial client experience of tomorrow

Xpedition Wealth Management has already helped firms like yours better understand the millennial mindset, build a winning CRM business case, and help deliver a modern, digital, holistic client experience.
We’d love to help your firm deliver a modern, holistic wealth management experience for millennials too.
Speak to Ben Revill today to find out more about Xpedition Wealth Management, our solutions, and to book a free half-day consultation and follow-up assessment.