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Digital Marketing – Reach your buyers on their digital journey

The strategies, tools and CRM software to win more business
Reach your buyers on their digital journeyIn this paper we share our thoughts and digital marketing strategy insights about what B2B buyers want, need and expect from digital marketing campaigns. Key techniques, tactics and digital tools that in our everyday experience have delivered the best ROI and competitive advantage in B2B marketing. Download today to learn how you can reach your buyers on their digital journey.

Read the guide to understand the what, the how and the why:

The Buyers Market

“74% of business buyers conduct more than 50% of their research online before making an offline purchase.”
Forrester Research

Buyers Journey Stages

Have you thought about your customer’s journey in terms of where they are in a sales funnel?

The Buyers Persona

You write blogs. .. use Twitter … LinkedIn… you’re getting traffic, but there’s no increase in web conversions…what’s wrong?

SEO Techniques

You have the content buyers want, but can they find it at the critical points of their buying journey?

The Many Touchpoints

Have you considered the buyers multiple touchpoints are part of your overall digital strategy?

Making Conversions

Pushing one digital strategy over the other limits… diversity. Is your marketing integrated and working in harmony?

The Sale is only the start

…its no longer the end game. Repeat orders go to those sellers who do the best job of nurturing relationships. Are you their go- to for expertise?

Digital Toolbox

Do you have the tools and data to understand the digital body language and behaviors of your buyer?
Start your journey with our essential steps to creating a successful integrated, digital campaign strategy that will enable you to reach your buyers on their digital journey.