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Working in a fast-paced distribution or wholesale business has its challenges. An ERP for wholesale distribution has to balance optimal stock levels, maximise warehouse operations and efficiently dispatch products. These are all concerns we understand and see amongst our clients.

Having worked in the industry for over a decade, we’re known as a trusted advisor to ambitious organisations. We’ve proven time and again that we “get” the industry, so are able to work closely with clients to solve their current challenges, and plot their digital transformation paths in preparation for the future.

Powered by Dynamics 365 Business Central, with a strong NAV heritage, our solutions empower businesses. Our clients can stay ahead of the competition with our guidance showing them how to embrace the whole Microsoft ecosystem. An ERP for wholesale distribution has to deliver and ours does.

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ERP projects are daunting. You’ve got to maintain “business as usual”, but you know you need to improve your systems to make your organisation more efficient.

Whether you’re looking to improve what you’ve got, make it work harder and smarter, start from scratch or save a project that’s going wrong, the most important thing is to have an expert guide by your side.

At Xpedition, our people will show you how to reach the end goal, helping you to make decisions along the way, and making sure you’re equipped for when we set off together. We’ll support you for as long as you need us.

We’ve done this before. We know what it takes to improve operational efficiency and accounting practices. Let’s work together and take your business forward.

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Detailed industry knowledge means we know what your business needs: A tailored platform that delivers operational efficiency, financial control and supply chain visibility.

With carefully selected partner solutions, optimise your warehouse, reduce document admin time, and connect to your partners easily. Make business decisions faster.

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