Xpedition Business Referral Schemes

Xpedition work with a rich ecosystem of partners within the markets that we serve. Over many years we have been pleased to be party to reciprocal introduction arrangements to secure new clients for ourselves, for our partners and for our associates.

Below we describe the scheme that Xpedition operates to provide a reward for general referrals that subsequently become an Xpedition client.

General Business Referral Scheme


The premise of the referral scheme is very simple, introduce our sales and marketing team to a contact who has an interest in business applications consultancy and when that organisation becomes an Xpedition customer and their spend surpasses a threshold your organisation is rewarded with a £1,000 referral fee.

Submit a Referral

Scheme Terms & Conditions:

  • Referrals need to include a named contact within the organisation.
  • Referrals are only accepted if the organisation is not already a Touchstone Group customer and is also not already in an active sales discussion with Xpedition.
  • Once this check has been made, a confirmation email acknowledging that the referral has been accepted will be sent to the referrer.
  • Xpedition normal qualification principles will apply, i.e. Xpedition is not obligated to pursue an opportunity at the referred business if the opportunity is not strong enough.
  • The referred organisation will need to enter into a contractual relationship with Xpedition within 1 year of the referral acceptance date for the fee to be paid.


  • The referral fee is dependent on the Xpedition receipting a minimum of £50,000 for consulting services from the referred organisation within 365 days of referral acceptance. Xpedition will notify the referrer upon this event and will within 30 days of an agreed invoice submission make a payment of £1,000 + VAT.
  • In accordance with GDPR principles, only record the contact’s email address and phone number as part of a referral where they have given express permission to be being contacted by Xpedition.
  • Organisations who are existing Dynamics 365 users do qualify for the referral scheme, subject to the minimum spend criteria above.
  • This scheme only applies to referring organisations where Xpedition does not already have other commercial supplier or partnership agreements in place with the referrer.

*Xpedition Management reserves the right to modify or withdraw this referral programme without notice.