Xpedition KYC & On-Boarding App


Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform, the Xpedition KYC and On Boarding App enables financial institutions to meet both their regulatory compliance requirements, whilst also delivering a modern, streamlined client on-boarding experience that establishes a strong foundation from which long-term relationships can thrive.

Key Features and Benefits of the KYC and On-Boarding App

  • See what stage a record is in and what steps remain in order to complete it
  • Process flows guide users through each step to ensure they capture all requirements
  • Informative summary screen provides clear indication of what tasks remain
  • Fully customisable screens to meet users needs and provide key KYC intelligence
  • Identify the most suitable client product with a configurable attitude to risk framework
  • At proposal stage, the system guides users through the document generation procedure
  • The app utilises Power BI to provide deeper insights into client data